Short Bios | Hermann Reintanz

Sergeant Hermann Reintanz, 106th Ohio Infantry
By Michael A. Peake

Hermann Reintanz mustered at the age of 23 as sergeant of Company “A,” 9th Ohio Infantry on May 27, 1861. On September 13, 1862, Reintanz transferred to Company “G,” 106th Ohio Infantry and three days later was commissioned as company captain.

Reintanz was killed in action at Hartsville, Tennessee on December 7, 1862 in a fight resulting in 492 casualties for the 106th Ohio in killed, wounded or captured.

Positive identification provided courtesy of Joseph Reinhart of Louisville, Kentucky, who discovered matching image in the private collection of 9th Ohio photographs held by the Cincinnati Central Turners (2200 Pinney Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45231) while researching for a book on the German 9th Ohio.

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Sergeant Hermann Reintanz
Library of Congress: LC-USZ62-129661