The Metzner Collection | Short Bios

Soldier-artist Adolph G. Metzner was born on August 16, 1834, in the Wiese River village of Lörrach, in the southwestern corner of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. In 1856, he immigrated to the United States and established himself as a druggist in Louisville, Kentucky. After the start of the Civil War, 2nd Lieutenant Metzner assisted in organizing a German company that became Company “A” of the 1st German, 32nd Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry.

I want to thank Mark Jaeger, of Lafayette, Indiana, Joe Reinhart of Louisville, Kentucky and Dr. Wolfgang Hochbruck, Universität Freiburg, Germany, for their contributions in identifying some of the unknown in this collection.
Adolph Metzner
John M. Palmer
George H. Thomas
Captain Adolph Metzner
Brigadier General John McAuley Palmer
Major General George Henry Thomas
Alexander M. McCook
Richard W. Johnson
Temple Clark
Major General Alexander McDowell McCook
Brigadier General Richard W. Johnson
Assistant Adjutant General Temple Clark
Lovell H. Rousseau
Jefferson C. Davis
Ebenezer T. Wells
Colonel Lovell H. Rousseau
Brigadier General Jefferson C. Davis
Captain Ebenezer T. Wells
Albert S. Smith
Frank N. Sheets
Edward Davis
2nd Lieutenant Albert Sidney Smith
Lieutenant Frank N. Sheets (Left)
Lieutenant Edward Davis (Right)
John P. Kuntze
Matthew T. Lutz
Gustav Heinrichs
1st Lieutenant John Paul Kuntze
Captain Matthew T. Lutz
General Gustav Heinrichs
Henry von Trebra
Louis von Trebra
John M. Gray
Major Karl Friedrich Heinrich von Trebra
Captain Louis Ernest von Trebra
Dr. John M. Gray
Charles S. Cotter
William G. Mank
Felix F. Blaser
Major Charles S. Cotter
Brigadier General William George Mank
Doctor Felix F. Blaser
Edward Mueller
Emanuel Eller
Charles A. Fischer
Captain Edward Muller
Captain Emanuel Eller
Chaplain Charles A. Fischer
Peter Cappell
Isidore Esslinger
John Mayer
Captain Peter Cappell
Captain Isidore Esslinger
Lieutenant John Mayer
Frank Weber
Charles Nagel
William Borck
Lieutenant Frank Weber
Captain Charles Nagel
Captain William Borck
William F. Hahn
John G. Helmkamp
William Urlan
Captain William F. Hahn
2nd Lieutenant John G. Helmkamp
Captain William Urlan
John D. Ritter
Frederick Ludwig
Robert A. Wolff
Captain John D. Ritter
Captain Frederick Ludwig
1st Lieutenant Robert A. Wolff
Henry Stein
Hubert Dilger
Frederick Trenk
Hospital Steward Henry Stein
Captain Hubert Dilger
Captain Frederick Trenk
William Wagner
Andreas Winter
Geza Mihalotzy
Surgeon William Wagner
Captain Andreas Winter
Colonel Géza Mihalótzy
Francis Erdelmeyer
Julius Richardt
Carl Wappenhaus
Colonel Francis Erdelmeyer
2nd Lieutenant Julius Richardt
Lieutenant Carl Wappenhaus
Charles Reifert
August Bitter
Valentine Koehler
Lieutenant Charles Reifert
1st Lieutenant August Bitter
Lieutenant Valentine Koehler
Aze Klein
Jacob Lawinsky
Corporal Aze Klein
Private Jacob Lawinsky
Unidentified Union Officer
Unidentified Union Officer
Unidentified Union Officer
Unidentified Union Officer
Adolph Dengler
Unidentified Group
Colonel Adolph Dengler
Unidentified Group, including Union Officer
Unidentified Union Officer
Unidentified Captain
Unidentified Captain
Unidentified 1st Lieutenant
Phillip H. Monninger
Captain Philip H. Monninger
Unidentified Union Officer
Unidentified Union Officer
Hermann Reintanz
Unidentified Union Officer
Sergeant Hermann Reintanz
Unidentified Sergeant
Jacob Glass
Louis Kimmel
Carl Schmitt
Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Glass
Captain Louis Kimmel
Adjutant Carl Schmitt
August Willich
Unidentified Union Officer
Brigadier General August Willich
Unidentified 1st Lieutenant
Unidentified 1st Lieutenant
Unidentified Major
Unidentified Captain
Unidentified Union Soldier