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Unidentified Union Captain
By Michael A. Peake

This half-length reversed portrait of an unidentified captain is by an unknown photographer, but the image appears similar to Photograph #77, created by Porter's Gallery, 106 Fourth St., Cincinnati, Ohio. The cap device indicates individual is a Staff Officer, possibly brigade or division QM in the 4th or 20th Army Corps, but the print quality makes identification of letters in center difficult. Likely a U. S. in Old English script. The visible shoulder board shows rank of Captain and he is wearing an expensive, tailored, private-purchase sack coat. This image seems to be reversed since the buttons are shown, incorrectly, on the left side of his coat. The man's breast pocket is also on the left side.

If any information on this photograph is known, please contact me. Thank you!

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Unidentified Union Captain
Library of Congress: LC-USZ62-129647