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Major Karl Friedrich Heinrich von Trebra, 32nd Indiana
By Michael A. Peake

Henry von Trebra was born October 28, 1830, at L├╝bben, Prussia, to Carl Gustav and Louise Voss von Trebra. He entered the military schools of Potsdam and Berlin as a cadet, graduating as a second lieutenant. During the Revolution of 1848, von Trebra served the king in the Prussian infantry. He resigned his commission in 1854 and immigrated to Canada with his younger brother Louis and their mother.

Henry and brother Louis traveled to Indianapolis to offer their services on hearing the news of the formation of the all-German 32nd Indiana. Willich appointed von Trebra as regiment drillmaster. Von Trebra was promoted to colonel of the 32nd Indiana after Willich became brigade commander in August 1862. Soon after arriving at Crab Orchard, Kentucky, on October 16, 1862, Henry was evacuated to Louisville suffering from typhoid that he contracted in the fetid camp conditions at Shiloh. Transported home to Arcola, he died there on August 6, 1863.

Portrait by Wilhelm Grundner (Photographer, in Berlin at 36 Krausen Str. 36.)

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Major Karl Friedrich Heinrich von Trebra
Library of Congress: LC-USZ62-123946