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Captain William Urlan, 32nd Indiana
By Michael A. Peake

William Urlan, a twenty year old native of the Nassau Region of Hesse, arrived in New York on Oct. 23, 1857. He relocated to Louisville, Kentucky, found employment as a paper-maker, and in September 1860, his younger brothers Frederick and Julius, escorting sister Louise, joined him. Less than one year later, William joined Jacob Glass in Madison, Indiana as first lieutenant to organize what became Company B, 32nd Indiana. Both brothers enlisted in the same company as privates. William was promoted to captain of Company D at the end of May 1862, but resigned his commission in July 1863, soon after his youngest brother Julius died from wounds received at Liberty Gap. Brother Frederick relocated to Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska with William and they established themselves as successful confectioners. There, William married 17-year-old Katherine Cappine (Cappius) in May 1867, and together they had four children. William died on May 14, 1881, at Sidney, Nebraska.

Portrait by Theodore M. Schleier’s Photograph Gallery, Corner Cherry & Union Streets, Nashville, Tennessee.

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Captain William Urlan
Library of Congress: LC-USZ62-129179