32nd Indiana Infantry Roster | A

A general intro to the 32nd Indiana Infantry in the American Civil War coming soon.

Last & First Name
End Report
Ackerman, William PVT C 1862-10-01 Executed 1863-1-30 by Rebel authority
Adam, John PVT C 1861-09-01 Term expired 1864-09-07
Adams, Ansel PVT Not Assigned 1864-09-23 Term expired 1865-05-08
Adkins, William PVT Not Assigned 1864-09-21 Term expired 1865-05-08
Aehle, Andreas PVT C 1862-06-18 Transferred “A,” 32nd (Reorganized),
died as POW 1864-10-12 at Andersonville
Aehler, Frederick PVT F 1862-08-18 Transferred “B,” 32nd (Reorganized),
term expired 1865-06-14
Ahring, John F. PVT H 1862-10-31 Transferred “C,” 32nd (Reorganized),
term expired 1865-10-19
Aichele, Emil E. PVT ASST SURG 1862-04-26 Resigned 1863-04-04
Aiken, Oliver Perry PVT E 1863-09-25 Transferred “B,” 32nd (Reorganized),
term expired 1865-12-04
Albitz, Louis R. PVT E 1864-02-10 Transferred “B,” 32nd (Reorganized),
died 7-11-1864 at Chattanooga, Tennessee
Alricks, Ditrich PVT I 1863-08-26 Discharged 1864-04-23
Altman, Henry PVT I 1861-08-24 Discharged 1862-11-24
Ames, James E. PVT 32nd REORG 1864-09-27 No Record
Amsler, Michael PVT I 1861-09-21 Discharged 1863-02-28
Anders, Anton PVT I 1863-08-26 Discharged 1865-03-04
Anders, John PVT I 1861-09-21 Died of wounds 1863-7-11 at
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Anderson, Charles M. PVT Not Assigned 1864-09-23 Term expired 1865-05-08
Anderson, George PVT C 1861-09-01 Deserted 1862-10-02
Anderson, Hasel PVT Recruit 1863-11-27 No Record
Anderson, Joseph PVT Not Assigned 1864-09-22 Term expired 1865-05-08
Anderson, Moritz PVT C 1861-09-05 Discharged 1864-05-18
Anderson, William PVT Not Assigned 1864-09-24 Term expired 1865-05-18
Andler, William CPL H 1861-08-24 Discharged 1862-07-11
Andreas, Joseph Franz PVT E 1861-08-24 Term expired 1864-09-07
Anken, Hermann Theodore PVT E 1861-09-14 Transferred to "I," killed 1863-6-25
at Liberty Gap, Tennessee
Ansbittel, Louis SGT A 1861-08-24 Term expired 1864-09-07
Apel, Johann Gottfried 2nd LT E 1861-08-24 Resigned 1861-12-19
Appel, Franz PVT H 1861-10-07 Deserted 1862-10-03
Arckenoe, Carl PVT G 1861-09-11 Died 1863-2-15 at Nashville,
Ardner, John PVT B 1861-08-24 Term expired 1864-09-07
Arndt, August MUS PVT BAND 1861-09-03 Discharged 1862-08
Arndt, August T. MUS PVT BAND 1861-09-29 Discharged 1862-08
Arnold, Christian CPL G 1861-09-16 Term expired 1864-09-07
Arnold, Gustave PVT A 1863-08-29 Transferred "B," 32nd (Reorganized),
term expired 1865-12-04
Arwine, Daniel PVT Not Assigned 1864-09-19 Term expired 1865-05-08
Att, Heinrich MUS H 1861-08-24 Discharged 1862-10-23
Aubert, John PVT G 1861-08-24 Deserted 1862-10-02
Austin, Cornelius PVT B Co., 32nd REORG 1864-10-20 Term expired 1865-10-19