32nd Indiana Infantry Roster | N

A general intro to the 32nd Indiana Infantry in the American Civil War coming soon.

Last & First Name
End Report
Nagel, Charles SGT B 1861-08-24 Term expired 1864-09-07
Nagel, Louis PVT B 1862-10-01 Term expired 1864-09-07
Naumann, Heinrich PVT E 1861-08-24 Killed 1864-5-27 at Allatoona
(Pickett's Mill), GA
Naunenbruch, Robert PVT E 1861-08-24 Discharged 1862-11-21
Needler, George Walter PVT Not assigned 1864-09-21 Term expired 1865-05-08
Neidle, Hermann SGT H 1861-09-03 Deserted 1861-11-27
Neimeyer, William PVT A 1861-08-24 Killed 1862-10-9 at Salt River, KY
Neuberger, Charles H. CPL A 1861-08-24 Term expired 1864-09-07
Neudorfer, Sigmund PVT G 1861-08-24 Discharged 1862-06-16
Newport, Charles PVT Not assigned 1864-10-21 Term expired 1865-05-08
Nicholaus, Wendel PVT I 1862-10-20 Transferred “C,” 32nd (Reorganized),
term expired 1865-08-14
Nicholson, Robert M. PVT Not assigned 1864-09-22 Term expired 1865-05-08
Niebrugge, Henry PVT C 1861-09-01 Discharged 1862-12-10
Niehaus, Wilhelm PVT K 1861-09-05 Discharged 1862-09-22 Transferred
“C,” 32nd (Reorganized),
term expired 1865-07-27
Niehaus, Gottlieb PVT K 1862-04-01 Died 1862-8-29 at Huntsville, AL
Nigg, William PVT B 1861-08-24 Term expired 1864-09-07
Nikirk, Henry F. PVT Not assigned 1864-09-23 Term expired 1865-05-08
Nill, John PVT A 1861-08-24 Transferred to V.R.C. 1864-02-01
Ninnich, Carl PVT E 1861-08-24 Discharged 1862-01-03
Nitz, Louis CPL K 1861-08-24 Died of wounds 1862-4-29
Nitzer, Frederick CPL K 1861-08-30 Died of wounds 1863-1-4
Nongasser, Lewis MUS PVT BAND 1861-09-01 Discharged 1862-08
Normaus, William PVT Not assigned 1864-09-23 Term expired 1865-05-08
Norvell, Thomas V. PVT Not assigned 1864-10-14 Term expired 1865-05-08
Numendorff, Frederick William PVT F 1864-03-25 Transferred “B,” 32nd (Reorganized),
deserted 1865-06-25