32nd Indiana Infantry Roster | I-J

A general intro to the 32nd Indiana Infantry in the American Civil War coming soon.

Last & First Name
End Report
Igel, Richard L. CPL B 1861-08-24 Resigned 1863-01-31
Imhof, John PVT K 1861-08-24 Died of wounds 1863-6-25
Ingenthron, Dominich PVT D 1861-09-10 Transferred to V.R.C.
Ingenthron, Jacob PVT D 1861-09-12 Term expired 1864-09-07
Jackson, James PVT I 1863-09-25 Died as POW 1864-6-20 at
ndersonville Prison, Georgia
Jacob, Andrew J. PVT Not Assigned 1864-10-26 Term expired 1865-05-08
Jacob, Peter PVT E 1861-08-29 Term expired 1864-09-07
Jaeger, Florian Thomas PVT H 1861-09-03 Killed 1864-5-27 at Allatoona
Hills (Pickett's Mill), Georgia
Jaeger, John PVT K 1861-09-05 Term expired 1864-09-07
Jahn, Christian PVT K 1861-08-24 Term expired 1864-09-07
Jahrless, Conrad PVT A 1861-09-05 Deserted 1862-10-01
Jakoby, Friedrich CPL I 1861-08-28 Deserted 1862-10-02
James, Thomas PVT Not Assigned 1864-10-07 Term expired 1865-05-08
Janke, Robert Theodore PVT G 1861-09-04 Transferred "I," deserted 1862-10-02
Janson, Theodore PVT Recruit 1863-09-23 No record
Jarnake, John PVT H 1862-10-31 Transferred “C,” 32nd (Reorganized),
term expired 1865-10-19
Jeancon, Jean Allard   ASST SURG 1861-08-24 Resigned 1862-07-27
Jecko, Jacob PVT E 1863-12-11 Transferred “B,” 32nd (Reorganized),
term expired 1865-12-04
Jenkins, Alexander PVT I 1863-09-24 Transferred “C,” 32nd (Reorganized),
term expired 1865-10-12
Jerger, Theodore PVT B 1862-07-01 Deserted 1862-10-31
John, Edward 1st LT E 1861-08-24 Resigned 1862-05-02
Johnson, Phillip PVT K 1861-08-24 Term expired 1864-09-07
Jones, Charles PVT Recruit 1863-11-02 No record
Jones, John M. PVT Not Assigned 1865-02-06 Term expired 1865-05-08
Josse, John Michael   SURGEON 1863-11-18 Term expired 1864-09-07
Juergensmeyer, Wilhelm PVT D 1864-01-22 Transferred “A,” 32nd (Reorganized),
term expired 1865-06
Jung, Frederick PVT D 1861-09-18 Term expired 1864-09-07
Jung, Louis CPL D 1861-08-24 Killed 1863-1-2 at Stone's River
Jung, William Otto PVT K 1862-03-10 Transferred “C,” 32nd (Reorganized),
term expired 1865-04-15
Jungen, Peter PVT E 1863-12-12 Transferred “B,” 32nd (Reorganized),
term expired 1865-06-14
Jungmeier, John PVT G 1861-08-24 Term expired 1864-09-07
Just, Frederick PVT D 1861-09-03 Term expired 1864-09-07
Jutte, Mathias PVT F 1864-03-25 Transferred “B,” 32nd (Reorganized),
term expired 1865-12-04